Great Homeschool Spaces

13 Really Cool Homeschool Rooms

I just love to get a peek into other families’ homeschool spaces!  The way they organize their books ~ is it by grade level, by subject, by child?  I’ve tried pretty much each of those!

Some people have really amazing rooms with ideal homeschool space, but most of us have to get creative.  Also, most of us don’t have unlimited money to spend, either!  Right.  Well, I’ve looked across the web and have found some that are really great, innovative and doable.

If you are interested in ways to organize your homeschool room, go here.  It’s a post with great ideas on how to organize your homeschool room.

Here are 19 Essentials For Your Homeschool Room.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and are inspired to start revamping or reorganizing your homeschool space, be it a separate room, the dining room, living room kitchen, or basement!

I scoured the web to find these, the websites they came from are the captions of each photo.  Please visit the awesome blogs, you will surely get some great ideas!


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